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Frequently Asked Questions!

Frequently-asked-questions for TextbooksForLife

Is there anything you want to ask us? Check out these frequently asked questions people and students usually ask us via text, email, and chat. The probability is your question has already been answered here 🙂

Updated on 12rd Feb, 2023

Question 1: How soon will I get my order/ebook?

Answer: Immediately! It will be emailed to you as soon as the order is confirmed. You can also go to ‘My Account‘ (if you made one before or while ordering) and download your purchases.

Question 2: I did not receive an email after the order; what do I do?

Answer: Sometimes, the email goes to the SPAM folder. Please check that as well. If you don’t keep SPAM emails or can’t find ours, please message/email us with your order number or email you used for the order, and we’ll resend you the link within 24 to 48 hours.

Question 3: Is the Textbook permanent or rental? Can I print it?

Answer: All our textbooks/ebook are permanent and without restrictions. You bought it, and you OWN it. Forever. You can print it without any restrictions and download it to as many computers, tablets, or phones (as you own). Please just don’t share them, as that won’t be right 🙂

Question 4: Do you sell/give access codes as well?

Answer: No, none of our products included ANY access codes/web access, etc. We don’t sell access/Smartconnect/Cengage or any codes.

Question 5: I am having problems downloading the PDF/ePub ebook. What to do?

Answer: Please email or message us. If you can, describe the problem in as much detail as possible.

Question 6: I bought an ePub but also want a PDF. Can you convert it?

Answer: Yes, Sure! Let us know the order number or email you used for the order, and we’ll convert it for you at no cost. 🙂 The formatting/page numbers of a converted PDF will NOT match the physical books exactly.

Question 7: Do you also sell solution manuals, test banks, and other instructor resources as well?

Answer: Yes! Even if we have not listed it, we sell many test banks, solution manuals, and other instructor resources at the lowest rates. However, recently most publishers have disallowed sales to students. If you don’t find something on our site, ask us, and we’ll let you know.

Question 8: Are you even legitimate? Are my details safe?

Answer: Yes. You can check our reviews on Socials, Trustpilot, etc. Plus, by the time of this F.A.Q (Jan 2023), we have served more than 18500 happy students in over four years. Also, we never share or misuse your data. We also don’t store any payment information (as Stripe or PayPal processes that). We do use Google Analytics for tracking the number of visitors and clicks.

Question 9: Do you offer refunds?

Answer: Yes 🙂 We used to have a very generous refund policy, but unfortunately, it was abused a lot. So now we only offer refunds in specific cases. If it’s a genuine problem, we will refund you! See our refund policy from the menu for details.

Question 10: I get a 404 error or ‘Invalid Link’ / ‘Link not found’ / ‘Request Access’ etc when I click the download link. What do I do?

Answer: We had a significant issue with our cloud services, most of which has been resolved. However, some links may cause problems. Please email us (do tell us the order number or the email address you used), and we’ll send you new and permanent links!

Question 11: I have more questions.

Answer: Sure, if you have any other questions, you can SMS us, email us or try the chat widget 🙂. Visit contact us.