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  • Author: Nivaldo J. Tro
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  • Length: 1190 Pages
  • Publisher: Pearson: Third edition
  • Publication Date: Jan. 03, 2023
  • Language: ‎English
  • ASIN: B0BVF74X26
  • ISBN-10: 0137915659, 013809585X
  • ISBN-13: 9780138095857, 9780137915651, 9780137915873, 9780138095505


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About The Author

Nivaldo J. Tro

Nivaldo J. Tro

Dr. Nivaldo J. Tro received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Stanford University. He completed his postdoctoral research at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1990, Nivaldo became a faculty member at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. During his time at Westmont, Tro has been awarded grants from the National Science Foundation and the American Chemical Society, Research Corporation. Nivaldo has received Westmont’s outstanding teacher of the year award 3 times. He is the successful author of the market leader text, Introductory Chemistry 5th edition, Chemistry: Structure and Properties 1st edition, Chemistry: A Molecular Approach 3rd edition, and Chemistry In Focus: A Molecular View of Our World 4th edition.

Chemistry: Structure and Properties, 3rd Edition (PDF), written by Nivaldo Tro, takes an atoms-first approach to learning chemistry. The author emphasizes the idea that matter is composed of particles and that the structure of those particles determines the properties of matter. This concept is essential to understanding chemistry and is incorporated throughout the textbook.

The 3rd Edition features interactive digital elements that help readers grasp key concepts and navigate the problem-solving process. It also includes updates on current research, particularly on the COVID-19 vaccine, and has undergone an extensive diversity, equity, and inclusion review.

Additional ISBNs for the Chemistry Third Edition are as follows: 978-0137915651, 978-0138095857, 978-0137915873, 978-0138095505, 9780138095505, 0138095507, 978-0138095505, 9780137915651, 0137915659, 978-0137915651, 9780137915873, 978-0138095505, 978-0137915873, 9780138095505.

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