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  • Authors: Gary W. Lewandowski, Natalie J. Ciarocco, David B. Strohmetz
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  • Publisher: Worth Publishers; 2nd edition‎
  • Publication Date: ‎ October 24, 2018
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  • ISBN-10: 1319107362, 1319152457, 1319293475, 1319152465
  • ISBN-13: 9781319107369, 9781319152451, 9781319293475, 9781319152468

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About The Author

David B. Strohmetz

Gary W. Lewandowski

Gary W. Lewandowski

Dr. Gary W. Lewandowski Jr. is a distinguished academic, researcher, writer, and authority on relationships. As a Professor and former Chair in the Department of Psychology at Monmouth University, Dr. Lewandowski's scholarly pursuits focus on three primary areas: romantic relationships, self and identity, and the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).

Dr. Lewandowski has an impressive record of publication, with over 50 academic articles and book chapters to his name, in addition to over 150 articles for popular media outlets that have been read by more than 6 million people. His work has been featured in a variety of prestigious publications, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Newsweek, as well as on popular websites like, Business Insider, and Salon. He has also appeared as an expert commentator on CNN, NPR, and VICE, among others.

Dr. Lewandowski's TEDx talk, "Break-ups Don't Have to Leave You Broken," has been viewed more than 2 million times, and he is also known for his excellence as an educator. He has received numerous accolades for his teaching, including Monmouth University's Distinguished Teacher Award. He was featured in The Princeton Review's "The Best 300 Professors" book, which selected the top professors from an initial pool of 42,000 candidates from across the United States.

Natalie J. Ciarocco

The “Discovering the Scientist Within (2nd Edition)” is a uniquely designed textbook for college students that teaches research methods using various case studies, providing an in-depth look at the research process. Each chapter focuses on a single study explained from start to end, starting with a scenario that requires the student to consider what approach to take.

The book walks students through each step of the study, including developing a research question, performing a literature review, refining data collection methods, considering ethics, gathering data, analyzing the results statistically, and reporting the findings in APA style. This approach provides students with valuable experience in the essential steps of conducting studies and makes the research process easy to understand.

In addition to the clear presentation, the book offers excellent pedagogy, including specific learning outcomes outlined at the start of each chapter. Each section concludes with “Your Turn” assessments, and each chapter includes Review Questions and Applying What You’ve Learned activities. The “Discovering the Scientist Within: Research Methods in Psychology” 2nd Edition, comes integrated with the new Research in Action activities focused on putting students in the role of a researcher.

The new edition includes coverage of topics such as “fake news” and “Our Research Plan at a Glance,” summarizing each chapter’s study. Apart from the eBook being available for purchase, the book is offered in a LaunchPad course, where students have access to the complete eBook, the Learning Curve adaptive quizzing system, Research in Action activities, and other resources.

Instructors get access to a comprehensive instructor’s manual, which provides supplemental examples for each chapter, lab project ideas, demonstrations, discussion questions, and activities to enhance the material. The book also comes with a set of PowerPoint slide decks incorporating active learning and a hands-on approach.

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